We are proud to know that we are a reliable partner for your business. But if you do not know us, we base that trust on certifications that can give you that certainty. 

T&T Forwarding Services Inc. / Grupo Aduanal Yarza was certified according to safety standards of the program:

Business AntiSmuggling Coalition (BASC).

Collaboration programs with the

Customs and Border Protection of the United States (CBP),

for our operation as a Customs Agency. 

In addition to having the accreditation program OLA

(Accredited Logistic Operator)

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Certified

(Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

Minority Owned Business Certified

(Minority Business Enterprise)

But most importantly, T&T Forwarding Services Inc. / Grupo Aduanal Yarza has been recognized by our clients for our degree of reliability.